The Workout

A whole new approach to group functional training
that makes you smile and sweat at the same time.

Designed for training strength, speed, agility, mobility,
power and more, it is easily adapted to all audiences.


Circuit based group training combining 3 dimensional functional movements with cardio intervals using your bodyweight and accessories.


  • Total body workout in sessions of 45 mins.
  • Programs that can train multiple outcomes from Functional Training to HIIT to Resistance to Power.
  • Uses the bodies natural movement patterns to increase the energy demand and deliver faster results.
  • Movements are 3D as you would do in life, that involve your entire body working together.


Depending on the program you choose:

  • Decrease body fat % .
  • Tone your body and burn more calories in less amount of time.
  • Increased total fitness conditioning of balance, coordination, agility, power and reaction time.


  • HIIT format provides the EPOC effect (exercise post oxygen consumption) that keeps burning calories for up 48 hours after the workout.
  • The most efficient training method that produces 3 x the benefit of regular isolation training by increasing dynamic strength, fitness and function at the same time.
  • Increased muscle activation and total energy consumption for accelerated fat loss.


  • Adapts to any fitness goal and any fitness level. PRAMA is designed to keep challenging you as your fitness improves, with everyone able to train together in the same session.
  • For optimal benefits it’s recommended that PRAMA be conducted minimum 3 times per week.


Up to 1000 calories in just 45 minutes

Functional movements,

High intensity interval training